Fred Rogers' Six Fundamentals of Learning

In the 1983 publication Mister Rogers Talks With Parents, Fred Rogers and co-author Barry Head wrote:
"When I think of what 'readiness' means, there are six fundamentals that come immediately to my mind. They may not be everything a child needs to learn, but htey certainly seem to me to be basic necessities. They are (1) a sense fo self-worth, (2) a sense of trust, (3) curiosity, (4) the capacity to look and listen carefully, (5) the capacity to play, and (6) times of solitude. To what extent is television likely to help or hinder a child in acquiring these learning tools?"

At the Fred Rogers Institute, these six fundamentals inform and inspire our research, resources, professional learning opportunities, and community building work. Fred Rogers and Barry Head asked to what extent teleivision may help or hinder a child in acquiring these learning tools - and we ask today: What may help or hinder a child in growing in these six fundamentals? How can educators, caregivers, and other caring adults encourage these fundamentals for children, and how can we as adults grow these necessities in ourselves?

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To learn more the six fundamentals, and particularly what we have learned from educators about what the six fundamentals look like in practice, download our resource on the Fundamentals of Learning and Growing