Our Team

Meet Our Team

We are working together to carry forward the "deep and simple" legacy of Fred Rogers in all that we do.

Our Team

Emma  Lee Emma  Lee
Emma Lee
Emily  Uhrin Emily  Uhrin
Emily Uhrin
Annie  White Annie  White
Annie White
Director of Research and Evaluation
Sarah  Goehring Sarah  Goehring
Sarah Goehring
Director of Programs
Kate  Luchini Kate  Luchini
Kate Luchini
Communication Coordinator and Design Specialist
Theresa  Noel Theresa  Noel
Theresa Noel
Operations Coordinator
Morgan  Constantino Morgan  Constantino
Morgan Constantino
Program Associate
Madison  Weber Madison  Weber
Madison Weber
Graduate Assistant
Kenzee  Knott Kenzee  Knott
Kenzee Knott
Graduate Assistant


Rebecca  Zill
Rebecca Zill
Fred Rogers Institute Fellow in Mental Health and Wellbeing
Amanda  Draper
Amanda Draper
Gretsch Fellow in Children's Music 2022-2023
Ivan  Lamourt
Ivan Lamourt
Fred Rogers Institute McGinley Fellow
Dr. Clarence E.  Wright
Dr. Clarence E. Wright
Fellow in Theology and Ministry


Rachel  Andreola
Rachel Andreola
Mathematics, 2024
Gina  Beneccio
Gina Beneccio
Early Childhood Education, 2025
Lindsey  Benjamin
Lindsey Benjamin
Biology, 2025
Lauren  Brennan
Lauren Brennan
Early Childhood Education, 2024
Erin  Brody
Erin Brody
Theology and English, 2025
Sydney  Campbell
Sydney Campbell
Accounting, 2026
David  Collins
David Collins
English, 2024
Elizabeth  Del Signore
Elizabeth Del Signore
English and Secondary Education, 2024
Anna  Doelling
Anna Doelling
Biology, 2024
Hope  Farley
Hope Farley
Marketing, 2026
Alexandros  Fekos
Alexandros Fekos
Criminology, 2026
William  Fiejdasz
William Fiejdasz
Communication, 2025
Chloe  Fontanazza
Chloe Fontanazza
Art Education, 2026
Jimmy  Gasper
Jimmy Gasper
Criminology, Law, and Society, 2025
Nicholas  Gasper
Nicholas Gasper
Business Data Analytics, 2027
Keely  Hagofsky
Keely Hagofsky
Early Childhood Education, 2024
Molly  Hudson
Molly Hudson
Health and Physical Education, 2026
Osyon  Jones
Osyon Jones
Business Management, 2024
Jakob  Krumenaker
Jakob Krumenaker
Biology, 2026
Sarah  Martin
Sarah Martin
Nursing and Health Liberal Arts, 2024
Andrés  Mateos Carrión
Andrés Mateos Carrión
Mechanical Engineering, 2024
Olivia  Matha
Olivia Matha
Marketing, 2025
Kayla  McClucas
Kayla McClucas
Psychology, 2027
Reilly  McKay
Reilly McKay
Communication, 2025
Alissa  Minerd
Alissa Minerd
Accounting, 2025
Madison  Morrone
Madison Morrone
Business Management, 2025
Joel Federico  Quiroz Mansilla
Joel Federico Quiroz Mansilla
Business Administration, 2024
Andrew  Root
Andrew Root
History and Secondary Education, 2024
Pearl  Russell
Pearl Russell
Biology, 2027
Joseph  Sarraino
Joseph Sarraino
Mechanical Engineering, 2024
Abigail  Skundrich
Abigail Skundrich
Early Childhood Education, 2024
Colin  Spehar
Colin Spehar
Nursing, 2026
Kayleigh  Thompson
Kayleigh Thompson
Early Childhood Education, 2026
Jonah  Weaver
Jonah Weaver
Public History, 2027
Rachel  Zgurich
Rachel Zgurich
Early Childhood Education, 2027


Rev. Dr. Clarence Wright

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