Our Initiatives

Through our initiatives, we are pursuing Fred’s vision to support adults who serve children. Our initiatives are all grounded in what we learn from Fred’s work as documented in the Archive, and are all intended to invest in the strengths of families and caring adults to support the healthy development of children.

Educator’s Neighborhood
Community of educators and leaders who learn together in a year-long cohort experience from the life and work of Fred Rogers.

Child Wellness
Resources for adults supporting children through difficult moments and times.

Symposium Series
A series of virtual learning experiences anchored in archival and community resources of the Fred Rogers Institute.

Simple Interactions
An approach for encouraging, enriching, and empowering human interactions around children and their helpers.

Fellowships for professionals interested in deepening their work in service of children, families, and their helpers.

Opportunities for Saint Vincent College students to learn and work with the Fred Rogers Institute.


Support Us

Your financial support of the Institute helps us expand our initiatives and resources so that educators and children's helpers can continue to learn and grow from Fred Rogers' legacy. Thank you!