A Special Gift for Mr. McFeely...and messages for us all

Dec 15, 2023
Hedda Sharapan


This month the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is giving a special gift to our very own “Speedy Delivery,” David Newell, whom we all know as “Mr. McFeely.”  We’re proud to announce that David will be inducted into the National Academy’s Gold Circle at the Emmy’s Children and Family Award ceremony for his more than 50 years of distinguished service within the industry. 

It was 1967 when David began working on the Neighborhood, with dual responsibilities – as the props man behind the scene and as Mr. McFeely on the screen.  In later years of the Neighborhood production, David moved up in the office, juggling his work as Director of Public Relations with his McFeely appearances on camera and as an ambassador on the road at public stations all around the country, Children’s Museums, State Fairs and Comic Cons.  

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