Math You Can Count On

Jul 13, 2023
Hedda Sharapan


I wonder how you felt about math when you were in school?  I have heard many early childhood professionals say math was not their favorite subject.  I actually liked math, but even now I can remember how it felt when we were faced with long division problems with a remainder…or subtraction problems like 105-89 when we had to “borrow.”  
But math in early childhood is very different.  We’re laying the foundation. Our work is much more about the ways we help children be interested in numbers, to know what “counting” means, and to know how and why we count.  Those are fundamental things we all care about. 
Of course math is much more than counting, but that’s a good place to start for now. Watch how Fred approaches counting, with lots of non-verbal cues about how much fun and meaningful math can be.  

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