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Each “Around the Neighborhood” newsletter focuses on a Neighborhood theme week. The front page of the newsletter is an explanation of the child psychology theories behind each theme week. Inside are Fred Rogers’ thoughts about the topic in the form of a letter, followed by activities to go along with the theme week and suggested books for caregivers to read to children.

These newsletters are helpful to researchers who are studying particular Neighborhood subjects. They provide much insight into why Fred decided to devote a week of programs to a certain topic.

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Promotion Packet August 1987

Going to school may be a child's first great transition in life. Because school is something that impacts all children, Fred Rogers devoted a week of Neighborhood episodes to the topic. This packet of materials was sent out to PBS stations to publicize the week of programs.

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Learning About Words: Letter for Creative Teaching

When Fred Rogers would write or speak about books and reading, he always mentioned his childhood librarian, "Aunt" Sara McComb. Fred learned to love reading at a young age because Aunt Sara shared her appreciation of books with the children at the library.

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Mister Rogers Visits with Andre Watts

Andre Watts plays the first piece of music he learned on the piano. Watts describes how playing the piano when he is sad helps him to feel better, physically and mentally. Mister Rogers wonders if Watts ever made mistakes while he was learning.

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