A Tribute to Fred Rogers -- and You

Mar 14, 2023
Hedda Sharapan


March 20th would be Fred Rogers’ 95th birthday, and I wanted to celebrate by sharing with you the tribute video that PBS produced shortly after his death in 2003.

As I listened to the words “Feels Like Home to Me” on the song they chose, I thought about how much we all have learned from Fred about the simple, everyday, ordinary things that make a place “feel like home” -- warm and welcoming, safe and secure.

Fred greeted us every day on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in a place that looked like a home. In fact, Fred referred to it as his “television house.” But it wasn’t just the rooms and the furniture that made it feel like home. It was a place where there was a predictable routine; where someone cared about you “just because you’re you”; where it was okay to be sad or mad or scared and someone helped you deal with those feelings in a constructive way; and where you were celebrated for the little and big things that you do. And there was something in Fred's eyes….and something in his voice. 

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