"It's very, very, very hard to wait."

Jan 11, 2024
Hedda Sharapan


We live in a world where we’ve come to expect instant gratification. We expect immediate answers to our emails.  We expect next-day deliveries for our online orders.  We expect our microwaved food to be ready in seconds. No wonder we get upset when we have to wait.

As hard as it is for us, imagine what waiting is like for children.  So often they have to wait for their turn, wait for our attention, wait for a birthday or holiday, or wait for a friend who’s coming to play.  They don’t have a concept of time.  They live in the “now.”

Fred’s lifetime studies in child development gave him a very real understanding of how children experience things, and he shared that with us in his songs, his words and through his Neighborhood of Make-Believe stories, like he did in this  nighttime visit between Daniel Tiger and Handyman Negri.   

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